A Short Review of Experimental and Computational Diagnostics for Radiofrequency Plasma Micro-thrusters


Experimental and computational diagnostics for radiofrequency plasma micro-thrusters are presented, based on the low power (10–100 W) electrothermal thruster prototype, Mini Pocket Rocket, developed for use on the Cubesat nanosatellite platform. Computer simulations include computer fluid dynamics simulations and particle in cell simulations while experimental results are obtained using a variety of electrostatic, optical and momentum probes. The output and limitations of each diagnostic are discussed within the context of device development for space use.

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This research was funded by the Australian Research Council Discovery Projects DP 1096653 and DP140100571 and by the Australian Space Research Program (‘Australian Plasma Thruster’ project with thanks to Jai Vennik for Fig. 5). The original Particle In Cell code written by Dr. Trevor Lafleur was rewritten and modified for the present study by Rhys Hawkins at ANU Supercomputer Facility as part of the ARC DP1096653 project. This project also partially supported the visit by Prof. Timo Gans and Dr. Deborah O’Connor (fast imaging testing campaign of Pocket Rocket at the ANU Space Plasma, Power and Propulsion Laboratory in January/February 2012) and we thank both collaborators for useful discussions. Sects. 4 and 8 were written by Amelia Greig and Sect. 7 was written by Teck Seng Ho.

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