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Oxidation of Thin Nickel-Based Superalloy Specimens: Kinetics Study and Mechanical Integrity


The oxidation behavior of a nickel-based superalloy was investigated from 650 to 1,000 °C for up to 1,000 h in air. Samples with thicknesses ranging from 20 to 500 µm were used to document the evolutions of microstructure and oxide scale. Oxidation products and subsurface evolution of the metal microstructure were characterized by XRD and EDS analyses. Local breakaway was observed after 600 h at 800 °C and after 100 h at 900 °C due to the full consumption of Cr from the alloy. Room temperature tensile tests were performed on aged and pre-oxidized specimens with thicknesses ranging from 20 µm to 500 µm, at 800 °C. The results were compared to tensile tests performed on the as-received metallurgical state. Both size effects due to sample thickness reduction and to sample thickness/pre-oxidation width ratio were examined onto the mechanical behavior. Interestingly, the formation of TCP phases, the oxide layer and the subsequent Cr-depleted subsurface region from either aging or oxidation treatments impairs the mechanical integrity. Bulk and subsurface regions are impacted, especially for tens-of-micrometer thin samples.

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The authors would like to acknowledge Karim Choquet (ICA) and Remi Roumiguier (MIDIVAL) for technical help. This study was supported by SAFRAN Tech, SAFRAN Aircraft Engine and the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR) [ANR-18-CE08-0003; ANR-JCJC-COMPAACT project funded from the AAPG2018].

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  • Nickel-based superalloys
  • High-temperature oxidation
  • Breakaway
  • Gradient of microstructure and properties
  • Microtensile testing