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Effectiveness of SiO2/TiO2/Al2O3-Based/TiO2 Coating for Suppressing Circumferential Cracking in Boiler Tubes at Thermal Power Plants


In thermal power generation equipment, circumferential cracking in boiler tubes due to thermal cycling is a problem. Circumferential cracks form in the water-wall tube where sulfide corrosion occurs and in superheater and reheater tubes where high-temperature oxidation occurs. The main cause of the crack formations is thermal cycling, but sulfide corrosion and high-temperature oxidation also promote crack generation and accelerate crack progression. Therefore, preventing sulfide corrosion and/or high-temperature oxidation is one strategy for suppressing circumferential cracking. The authors previously developed a SiO2/TiO2/Al2O3-based/TiO2 coating for preventing sulfide corrosion and high-temperature oxidation on boiler tubes. In this work, to confirm the robustness and durability of the coating against circumferential cracking, laboratory experiments and exposure tests in actual power plants were performed. When applied to circumferentially cracked boiler tubes, the coating did not crack and suppressed growth of existing circumferential crack in comparison with an uncoated part.

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  • Boiler tube
  • Circumferential crack
  • Sulfide corrosion
  • High-temperature oxidation
  • Liquid spray coating