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Effect of Temperature on the Oxidation Mechanism of Ni-30Cr Alloy


Samples of Ni-30Cr alloy were oxidized at different temperatures from 500 to 900 °C in a nominal oxygen partial pressure of 5 × 10−6 atm. The parabolic rate constants for growth of the oxide scales, which were confirmed to be chromia, were in agreement with the literature following an Arrhenius law. The semiconductor character of the chromia scale was investigated in order to reveal the nature of the dominant point defects responsible for the diffusion process during oxidation. An n-type semiconductor was found at low temperature (500 °C), and p-type semiconductor at high temperature (900 °C). Our results suggest that oxygen vacancies and chromium vacancies are dominant in grown chromia of n- and p-type, respectively.

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The authors are grateful to Cécile Blanc and Jérôme Varlet from the Service d'Études Analytiques et de Réactivité des Surfaces in the Université Paris-Saclay for the XRD measurement.

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  • Ni-30Cr oxidation
  • Chromia
  • Semiconductor
  • Point defects