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Long-Term Oxidation of Candidate Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Exhaust System Alloys from 650 to 800 °C in Air with Water Vapor

  • M. P. BradyEmail author
  • G. Muralidharan
  • D. N. Leonard
  • J. A. Haynes
  • R. G. Weldon
  • R. D. England
Original Paper


The oxidation behavior of candidate cast irons and cast stainless steels for diesel exhaust systems was studied for 5,000 h at 650–800 °C in air with 10 % H2O. At 650 °C, Ni-resist D5S exhibited moderately better oxidation resistance than did the SiMo cast iron. However, the D5S suffered from oxide scale spallation at 700 °C, whereas the oxide scales formed on SiMo cast iron remained relatively adherent from 700 to 800 °C. The oxidation of the cast chromia-forming austenitics trended with the level of Cr and Ni additions, with small mass losses consistent with Cr oxy-hydroxide volatilization for the higher 25Cr/20–35Ni HK and HP type alloys, and transition to rapid Fe-base oxide formation and scale spallation in the lower 19Cr/12Ni CF8C plus alloy. In contrast, small positive mass changes consistent with protective alumina scale formation were observed for the cast AFA alloy under all conditions studied. Implications of these findings for exhaust system components are discussed.


Water vapor Exhaust Cast iron Austenitic Oxidation 



The authors thank Duraloy Technologies, Inc. for providing cast austenitic stainless steels TMA 4705, TMA 6301, HP, and HK materials for study. T. Lowe, M. Stephens, G. Garner, and T. Jordan are thanked for experimental work and A. Shyam, S. Dryepondt, and B Pint for helpful comments on this manuscript. Research sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Vehicle Technologies Office, Propulsion Materials Program (managed by J. Gibbs).


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