Timescales of Oxygenation Following the Evolution of Oxygenic Photosynthesis

  • Lewis M. Ward
  • Joseph L. Kirschvink
  • Woodward W. Fischer


Among the most important bioenergetic innovations in the history of life was the invention of oxygenic photosynthesis—autotrophic growth by splitting water with sunlight—by Cyanobacteria. It is widely accepted that the invention of oxygenic photosynthesis ultimately resulted in the rise of oxygen by ca. 2.35 Gya, but it is debated whether this occurred more or less immediately as a proximal result of the evolution of oxygenic Cyanobacteria or whether they originated several hundred million to more than one billion years earlier in Earth history. The latter hypothesis involves a prolonged period during which oxygen production rates were insufficient to oxidize the atmosphere, potentially due to redox buffering by reduced species such as higher concentrations of ferrous iron in seawater. To examine the characteristic timescales for environmental oxygenation following the evolution of oxygenic photosynthesis, we applied a simple mathematical approach that captures many of the salient features of the major biogeochemical fluxes and reservoirs present in Archean and early Paleoproterozoic surface environments. Calculations illustrate that oxygenation would have overwhelmed redox buffers within ~100 kyr following the emergence of oxygenic photosynthesis, a geologically short amount of time unless rates of primary production were far lower than commonly expected. Fundamentally, this result arises because of the multiscale nature of the carbon and oxygen cycles: rates of gross primary production are orders of magnitude too fast for oxygen to be masked by Earth’s geological buffers, and can only be effectively matched by respiration at non-negligible O2 concentrations. These results suggest that oxygenic photosynthesis arose shortly before the rise of oxygen, not hundreds of millions of years before it.


Great oxidation event Phototrophy Methane Aerobic respiration Biogeochemistry 



LMW was supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. JLK is grateful for the support of the Earth-Life Science Institute. WWF acknowledges support from the Agouron Institute, a David and Lucile Packard Foundation Fellowship for Science and Engineering, the Caltech Center for Environment-Microbe Interactions, and NSF Division of Earth Sciences award EAR-1349858. We thank Jena Johnson, Jim Hemp, Sarah Slotznick, and two anonymous reviewers for providing valuable feedback on the study.


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