Ramsey Numbers for Partially-Ordered Sets


We present a refinement of Ramsey numbers by considering graphs with a partial ordering on their vertices. This is a natural extension of the ordered Ramsey numbers. We formalize situations in which we can use arbitrary families of partially-ordered sets to form host graphs for Ramsey problems. We explore connections to well studied Turán-type problems in partially-ordered sets, particularly those in the Boolean lattice. We find a strong difference between Ramsey numbers on the Boolean lattice and ordered Ramsey numbers when the partial ordering on the graphs have large antichains.

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The authors would like to thank Mikhail Lavrov for recommending SAT solvers as a method for computing small Boolean Ramsey numbers. Thanks also to Maria Axenovich for discussing previous work on induced Boolean Ramsey numbers.

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The authors completed this work while at Iowa State University.

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  • Ramsey theory
  • Partially-ordered sets
  • Ordered Ramsey numbers
  • Ordered graphs