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Design of a very optimized ultra-wide magnetic band gap photonic crystal device


Based on the transfer matrix method, we investigate the features of the photonic crystal embedded according to the third Octonacci generation and composed of quartz and Cold magnetized plasma layers. The outcomes of this study disclose that for the graded photonic crystals, the bandwidth of the OPBG is broadened and tuned by an external magnetic field. In addition, the forbidden frequency region shifts toward the higher frequency side when the magnetic field is null. Moreover, the numerical results show that the applied magnetic field and the chirping of layers thicknesses defined as y = αxβ represent a very efficient tool on optimizing the photonic band gaps. The omnidirectional photonic band gap expands enormously to cover a very wide frequency range. This study paves the way to design compact photonic devices such as tunable sensors, reflectors and communication components.

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