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A model of Gaussian laser beam self-trapping in optical tweezers for nonlinear particles


The optical tweezers are used to trap the particles embedded in a suitable fluid. The optical trap efficiency is significantly enhanced for nonlinear particles which response to the Kerr effect. The optical transverse gradient force makes these particles’ mass density in trapping region increasing, and the Kerr medium can be created. When the laser Gaussian beam propagates through it, the self-focusing, and consequently self-trapping can appear. In this paper, a model describing the laser self-trapping in nonlinear particle solution of optical tweezers is proposed. The expressions for the Kerr effect, effective refractive index of nonlinear particle solution and the intensity distribution of reshaped Gaussian laser beam are derived, and the self-trapping of laser beam is numerically investigated. Finally, the guide properties of nonlinear particles-filled trapping region and guiding condition are analysed and discussed.

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This research is funded by Vietnam National Foundation for Science and Technology Development (NAFOSTED) under grant number 103.03–2018.342.

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The idea was proposed by Quy Ho Quang, and Thang Nguyen Manh, the results were done and analysed by Thang Nguyen Manh, Quy Ho Quang. The paper was written by all authors.

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Correspondence to Thang Nguyen Manh.

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Quang, Q.H., Doan, T.T., Xuan, K.B. et al. A model of Gaussian laser beam self-trapping in optical tweezers for nonlinear particles. Opt Quant Electron 53, 418 (2021).

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  • Nonlinear optical tweezers
  • Kerr effect
  • Self-focusing
  • Self-trapping
  • Organic dye