Design and analysis of all- optical dual control dual SOA Tera Hertz asymmetric demultiplexer based half adder


Semiconductor Optical Amplifier based half adder in dual control configuration in a nonlinear optical loop mirror is proposed in this communication at 100 Gbps rate. The device is analyzed numerically and Extinction Ratio (ER ~ 81 dB), Contrast Ratio (CR ~ 82 dB), Q value (Q ~ 85 dB) are calculated and their dependence on control pulse energy and spontaneous noise factor is studied. Large relative eye opening of the order of 99.52% for SUM and 95.23% for CARRY output respectively ensure practical feasibility of this device. Almost negligible bit error rate and power penalty make this device suitable for all optical communication systems.

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  • Dual control TOAD
  • Optical logic gate
  • Half adder
  • Semiconductor optical amplifier