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Experimental and clinical study of simultaneous dual-wavelength laser action in energetic cataract surgery

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Optical and Quantum Electronics Aims and scope Submit manuscript


A new technique of energy cataract surgery with the simultaneous use of two wavelength of laser emission acting as high-intensity laser—endodissector (Nd:YAG, wavelength λ = 1.44 µm) and a low-intensity laser—endobiostimulator (He–Ne, wavelength λ = 0.632 μm) is represented. The surgical technique is bimanual. The radiation of high-intensity laser ensures the destruction of cataract lens of any density level without additional assistance of ultrasound and without manual fragmentation. The laser tip, which contacts the eye tissues, does not heat up. In the process of high-intensity laser action splitting and spalling of the eye lens core occurs. Laser energy does not go beyond the lens capsule as it is almost completely absorbed by the liquid of the anterior chamber (water) at less than 1 mm from the distal end of the laser tip. Simultaneous exposure to radiation of high-intensity and low-intensity lasers delivered to the eye lens via one laser tip provide to prevent the progression of posttraumatic inflammatory process in the eye at the initial stage of the start of pathophysiological intracellular changes. This ensures high efficiency and safety of simultaneous dual-wavelength laser cataract extraction (DW LCE).

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The article is dedicated to the blessed memory of Academician Svyatoslav N. Fyodorov – the great scientist, who actively supported scientific researches and personally supervised the results of the first 100 operations with LCE technology. This work was supported by Government of Russian Federation (Grant 08-08). The authors are grateful to ITMO University (Saint Petersburg, Russia), The S. Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Federal State Institution (Moscow, Russia) and Nela Ltd. (Saint Petersburg, Russia) for providing equipment and support to this study.

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