Bright screening solitons in a photorefractive waveguide



Characteristics of propagation of bright screening solitons are studied in a photorefractive waveguide. The investigation is performed under paraxial wave approximation and Wentzel–Kramers–Brillouin–Jefferys approximation. A Gaussian ansatz for the soliton shape is used instead of the numerical solutions. The planar waveguide structure intensifies the self-focussing while decreasing the minimum or threshold power required for self trapping. The waveguide structure embedded in the crystal can self trap a soliton of power lower than the threshold power. As the waveguide parameter increases, minimum required power to self trap the beam decreases. The existence of bistable states is also predicted. Four regimes of power are identified in which the solitons behaviour is studied. Propagation of screening solitons in a photorefractive waveguide is studied in the absence of the photovoltaic and pyroelectric effect for the first time.


Photorefractive effect Optical spatial solitons Planar waveguide 


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