Chromatic dispersion compensation techniques and characterization of fiber Bragg grating for dispersion compensation

  • Aasif Bashir Dar
  • Rakesh Kumar JhaEmail author


Pulse spreading due to the dispersion causes the overlapping of the transmitted pulses at the receiver end known as inter symbol interference (ISI). The ISI thus limits transmission of high speed data. We are living in the age of bandwidth hungry and high speed applications, for which optical networks form the most important part because of its high bandwidth. In optical networks chromatic dispersion (CD) is one of the main obstacle in high speed transmission. Hence this CD is compensated by various approaches throughout the transmission system. A review of all the main approaches is presented in this paper. Characterization of fiber Bragg grating for dispersion compensation is done using the reflection spectrum and group delay response analysis.


Optical fiber communication Dispersion Dispersion management Fiber Bragg grating (FBG) Optical phase conjugation (OPC) Electronic dispersion compensation (EDC) Holey fibers 



The authors gratefully acknowledge the support provided by Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra Jammu and Kashmir, India and 5G & IoT Lab DoECE, S.M.V.D. University.


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