Influence of CuO nanoparticles on third order nonlinearity and optical limiting threshold of polymer/ZnO nanocomposites

  • Haider Mohammed ShanshoolEmail author
  • Muhammad Yahaya
  • Wan Mahmood Mat Yunus
  • Ibtisam Yahya Abdullah


The linear and nonlinear optical properties of polymer/inorganic nanocomposites have received a great interest because of their potential application such as optical limiting devices. A flexible foil like polymer/ZnO nanocomposites and polymer/ZnO/CuO nanocomposites have been prepared via casting method. ZnO and CuO nanoparticles were used as filler, while four different types of polymer were used as polymer matrix. The purity and composition of the nanocomposites were confirmed via EDX analysis and EDS mapping. Surface morphology of samples was tested by FESEM that were shown the dispersion of ZnO and CuO nanoparticles successfully. To study the influence of adding CuO nanoparticles on polymer/ZnO nanocomposites; the liner transmittance was measured and linear absorption coefficient was calculated. The results show a decrease in linear transmittance and increase in linear absorption coefficient when CuO nanoparticles was added. Then, the absorption coefficient and refractive index of the as-prepared sample were analysed using an open and closed aperture single beam Z-scan technique via Q-switched Nd-YAG pulse laser at 532 nm. The nonlinear refractive index was in the order of 10−12 cm2/W with a negative sign whereas the nonlinear absorption coefficient was in the order of 10−7 cm/W. The real part, imaginary part and the absolute value of the third order nonlinear optical susceptibility χ(3) were calculated. The χ(3) was in the order of 10−6 esu. The effect of adding CuO nanoparticles to nanocomposites was enhanced their nonlinear optical properties. Consequently, a good optical limiting was obtained. The optical limiting threshold of the samples was measured. The results showed that the prepared nanocomposites can be considered as an excellent candidate for optical limiting devices, which clearly affected by the adding CuO nanoparticles and the type of polymer matrix. Nanocomposites PMMA/ZnO/CuO and PS/ZnO/CuO showed the low optical limiting threshold, which were equal to 60 and 50 Mw/cm2, respectively.


Optical limiting threshold Polymer/ZnO nanocomposites Polymer/ZnO/CuO nanocomposites Third order nonlinearity 



The authors would like to acknowledge the contribution and the financial support by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia under research Grant (FRGS/1/2013/SG02/UKM/01/1). The authors would like to thank Dr. Tan Sin Tee for her contribution EDX characterization and conceptual advice.


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  • Wan Mahmood Mat Yunus
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  3. 3.Laser and Optoelectronics Research CentreMinistry of Science and TechnologyBaghdadIraq
  4. 4.Department of Physics, College of ScienceUniversity of MosulMosulIraq

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