Narrowband widely tunable CW mid-infrared generator based on difference frequency generation in periodically poled KTP and KTA crystals


We demonstrate narrowband CW mid-infrared generators based on difference frequency generation in periodically poled KTP and KTA crystals. The crystals are used to nonlineary mix the beams from high-power narrowband fiber laser systems working at 1060- and 1550-nm spectral bands. We explore various techniques to control the linewidth of fiber lasers. The tunability achieved in a source based on nonlinear mixing in a KTA crystal exceeds the range of 3100–3620 nm.

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The work was supported by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports under Grant No. LD14112 in the frame of COST Action MP1204.

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Correspondence to Yauhen Baravets.

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This article is part of the Topical Collection on TERA-MIR: Materials, Generation, Detection and Applications.

Guest Edited by Mauro F. Pereira, Anna Wojcik-Jedlinska, Renata Butkute, Trevor Benson, Marian Marciniak and Filip Todorov.

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Baravets, Y., Honzatko, P., Todorov, F. et al. Narrowband widely tunable CW mid-infrared generator based on difference frequency generation in periodically poled KTP and KTA crystals. Opt Quant Electron 48, 286 (2016).

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  • Mid-infrared tunable laser source
  • Fiber laser
  • Fiber optics amplifier
  • Difference-frequency generation