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On the capacity of radio-over-fiber links at the W-band


In this work we discuss on the channel capacity of mm-wave Radio-over-Fiber (RoF) experimental transmissions at the W-band (75–110 GHz) over distances up to 300 m and bandwidth up to 20 GHz. In addition to an updated state-of-the-art on RoF demonstrations at such a promising frequency range, we provide a set of trade-off maps in terms of crucial resources on the design of W-band RoF links. The proposed framework offers a unified view for answering how fundamental spectrum resources can be optimally utilized, and how far we are from overcoming the challenge of offering seamless convergence between optical-fibers and wireless links.

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Lucas Cavalcante thanks the Science without Borders program. This work was partly funded by the DFF FTP mmW-SPRAWL and EC IPHOBAC-NG projects.

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