Electro-optical modulation bandwidth analysis for traveling-wave and reflective semiconductor optical amplifiers in transparency operating regime

Design and optimization speed-up by using the analytical approach
  • Angelina R. TotovićEmail author
  • Vukan G. Levajac
  • Dejan M. Gvozdić
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In this paper, we analyze the electro-optical modulation bandwidth of the two semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) structures, traveling-wave and reflective. The model is based on the dynamic traveling-wave equations for forward and backward propagating photon densities of the signal, and the carrier rate equation. We provide the formulae for \(-\)3 dB bandwidth calculation for the transparency regime, which corresponds to deep saturation, typically used in modulation purposes. The comparison of analytical and numerical models shows a good agreement between the two. Analytical approach ensures a low computational resource occupation and an easy analysis of the parameters influencing the SOA bandwidth.


Analytical model Modulation response Optical bandwidth optimization Reflective semiconductor optical amplifier Semiconductor device modeling Traveling-wave semiconductor optical amplifier 


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  • Angelina R. Totović
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  • Vukan G. Levajac
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  • Dejan M. Gvozdić
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