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All-optical photonic crystal NOT and OR logic gates using nonlinear Kerr effect and ring resonators

  • Published:
Optical and Quantum Electronics Aims and scope Submit manuscript


In this paper, a nonlinear photonic crystal structure is proposed in order to implement all-optical NOT and OR logic gates. The proposed structure includes combiners and limiters. The limiters are designed using ring resonator. Also, the combiners are optimized with changing the radius of rods near the crosspoint of waveguides in order to enhance the performance of structure. Nonlinear rods of proposed structure are made of silicon nanocrystal which has been used in order to create the frequency shift for different values of input power. Plane wave expansion and finite difference time domain methods have been utilized to simulate the performance of proposed logic gate. Simulation results show that the ON–OFF logic-level extinction ratio and bit rate are −18.7 dB and 333 Gbit/s, respectively.

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