56 Gb/s OOK transmission in robust and bend-insensitive GGP 80-\(\upmu \)m ultra-large-core (ULC) MMF for lightpeak


We demonstrate for the first time a recorded 56-Gb/s transmission in a new type robust and bend-insensitive glass-glass-polymer structured 80-\(\upmu \)m ultra-large-core multimode fiber (ULCMMF) using simple and single-polarization on-off-keying for Lightpeak. The LCMMF design is presented. Experimental results show that the ULCMMF could be a good choice for consumer applications in the near future.

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This work was supported by the Science and Industrial Park (SIPA) project.

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Chow, CW., Yang, LG., Sung, JY. et al. 56 Gb/s OOK transmission in robust and bend-insensitive GGP 80-\(\upmu \)m ultra-large-core (ULC) MMF for lightpeak. Opt Quant Electron 47, 529–533 (2015). https://doi.org/10.1007/s11082-014-9928-9

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  • Ultra-large-core
  • Multi-mode fiber
  • Lightpeak
  • OOK