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Table 1 Case study specific parameters for all reactors i

From: Comparison of dual based optimization methods for distributed trajectory optimization of coupled semi-batch processes

Symbol Value Unit
\(c_{A,0,i}\) 2.0 mol/l
\(c_{B,0,i}\) 0.0 mol/l
\(c_{C,0,i}\) 0.0 mol/l
\(V_{0,i}\) 0.45 l
k 0.0482 l/(mol h)
\(\varDelta T_{ad}\) 20 K
\(-\varDelta H_R / (\rho \cdot c_p)\) 80.0 (l K)/mol
\(c_{B,in,i}\) 1.2 mol/l
\(u_{min,i}\) 0.0 l/h
\(u_{max,i}\) 0.04 l/h
\(V_{max,i}\) 1.2 l
\(n_{C,Des,i}\) 0.6 mol
\(u_{shared,max}\) 0.05 l/h