A numerical algorithm based on a new kind of tension B-spline function for solving Burgers-Huxley equation


In this paper, a numerical algorithm based on a new kind of tension B-spline, named hyperbolic-trigonometric tension B-spline method, is applied for solving Burgers-Huxley equation. This method is generated over the space span {sin(tt),cos(tt),sinh(tt),cosh(tt),1,t,...,tn-?5},n =?5, where t is the tension parameter. Properties of it are the same in most of the properties of the usual polynomial B-splines and benefit from some other advantages, as well. Therefore, in this paper, we apply three methods consisting of trigonometric method, hyperbolic tension B-spline method, and our new hyperbolic-trigonometric tension B-spline method, to solve Burgers-Huxley equation. The convergence analysis is discussed. Then, we use some numerical examples to illustrate the accuracy and implementation of the proposed algorithm.

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  • Burgers-Huxley equation
  • Tension B-spline
  • Hyperbolic-trigonometric
  • Collocation method
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