Energy estimates for two-dimensional space-Riesz fractional wave equation

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The fractional wave equation governs the propagation of mechanical diffusive waves in viscoelastic media which exhibits a power-law creep, and consequently provided a physical interpretation of this equation in the framework of dynamic viscoelasticity. In this paper, we first use the energy method to estimate the one-dimensional space-Riesz fractional wave equation. The stiff matrices are proved to be commutative for two-dimensional case, which ensures to carry out of the priori error estimates and the energy method. Then, the unconditional stability and convergence with the global truncation error \(\mathcal {O}(\tau ^{2}+h^{2})\) are theoretically proved with the constant coefficients and numerically verified.


Riesz fractional wave equation Nonlocal wave equation Priori error estimates Energy method Numerical stability and convergence 


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We would like to thank the anonymous referees for their input to Example 4.2, and for several suggestions and comments that led to much better results and an improved presentation.


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