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Spatiotemporal dynamics of lump solution to the (1 + 1)-dimensional Benjamin–Ono equation


A periodically breather solitary wave and some lump solutions are obtained via using Hirota’s bilinear method, homoclinic test approach and parameter perturbation technique for the (1 + 1)-dimensional Benjamin–Ono equation. Spatiotemporal dynamics of lump solution is investigated and discussed by choice of some parameters \(u_{0}, \beta ,\) and \(\gamma \). Finally, spatiotemporal structure of lump solution is analyzed using the extreme value theory of multivariable function.

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Correspondence to Zhengde Dai.

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The work was supported by Scientific Research Project of Education Department of Hunan Province (No: 17C1297) and Jishou University Natural Science Foundation Grant No. Jd16010.

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  • Benjamin–Ono equation
  • Lump solution
  • Spatiotemporal structure
  • Parameter perturbation
  • Hirota’s bilinear method