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Discrete breathers and modulational instability in a discrete \(\varvec{\phi ^{4}}\) nonlinear lattice with next-nearest-neighbor couplings

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The properties of discrete breathers and modulational instability in a discrete \(\phi ^{4}\) nonlinear lattice which includes the next-nearest-neighbor coupling interaction are investigated analytically. By using the method of multiple scales combined with a quasi-discreteness approximation, we get a dark-type and a bright-type discrete breather solutions and analyze the existence conditions for such discrete breathers. It is found that the introduction of the next-nearest-neighbor coupling interactions will influence the existence condition for the bright discrete breather. Considering that the existence of bright discrete breather solutions is intimately linked to the modulational instability of plane waves, we will analytically study the regions of discrete modulational instability of plane carrier waves. It is shown that the shape of the region of modulational instability changes significantly when the strength of the next-nearest-neighbor coupling is sufficiently large. In addition, we calculate the instability growth rates of the \(q=\pi \) plane wave for different values of the strength of the next-nearest-neighbor coupling in order to better understand the appearance of the bright discrete breather.


Discrete breathers Modulational instability Nonlinear lattices Next-nearest-neighbor couplings 



This work was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant Nos. 11604121 and 11464012) and the Scientific Research Fund of Hunan Provincial Education Department under Grant No. 16B210.


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