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Analyses of dynamic characteristics and structure optimization of tunnel boring machine cutter system with multi-joint surface

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Nonlinear Dynamics Aims and scope Submit manuscript


There will be structural failure in the cutter system with different degrees due to the vibration of cutters. Moreover, in the extreme environment, the dynamics behavior of the cutter system is hard to predict, and it is difficult to realize the anti-vibration design of cutters. Therefore, it is of great theoretical value and engineering significance to analyze the dynamics characteristics of tunnel boring machine (TBM) cutter system, optimize cutter structure, and improve the anti-vibration capability. In this paper, the typical TBM cutter systems are studied, based on the lumped mass method, a multi-degree of freedom coupling dynamics model of the TBM cutter system with multi-joint surface is established. Then, the model is verified by the cutter mount vibration experiment, and it is proved that the joint surfaces have a great influence on the vibration performance of cutter system. Finally, the vibration responses and loading transfer law of the cutter are analyzed, and a cutter structural optimization scheme is proposed. The optimization results show that the vibration and loading fluctuation of the upper and lower wedge block cutter mount are relatively smaller, and the cross section of upper wedge block is an isosceles trapezoid after optimization. The vertical vibration displacement of the cutter mount and the wedge block are reduced by \(\sim \)67 % and 53 %, respectively. The vibration damage of cutter system is greatly reduced. The research of this paper may provide a theoretical guidance for the structure design of the cutters.

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This work is supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 51375001) and Development Program of China (973 Program) (No. 2013CB035402). JD is supported by Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) Ph.D. scholarship and Vice Chancellor and President’s Scholarships (University of South Australia).

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