Natural Hazards

, Volume 82, Issue 2, pp 1435–1436 | Cite as

Virgil Henry Storr, Stefanie Haeffele-Balch, and Laura. E. Grube: Community revival in the wake of disaster: lessons in local entrepreneurship

Palgrave Macmillan, 2015, 193 pp
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Book Review

This book has nine chapters and includes two figures and two tables. The preface is quite interesting to read. Chapter one is the introduction and deals with topics such as the daunting challenge of rebounding from a disaster, and entrepreneurs are agents of social change. According to the authors, the bureaucracy has the role of promoting stability. The main theme of this book is that entrepreneurship is the key force behind community rebound after a major disaster.

Chapter two has the title “The entrepreneur as a driver of social change.” In this chapter the great contributions to this topic are made by Kirzner and Schumpeter; however, there are differences in their approaches. While Kirzner emphasizes the cognitive aspects of entrepreneurship, Schumpeter stresses the behavioral issues, even though there are some broad similarities between the two concepts. Other topics covered in this chapter include: entrepreneurship in non-market settings and social and idealogical...

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