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Das Lesen im entgöttlichten Universum: Kafkas “Ein Brudermord” als dramatisierte Metapher epistemologischen Scheiterns (Judith Sidler, Department of German, Dalhousie University)

  • Judith SidlerEmail author


Kafka’s “Ein Brudermord” (“A Fratricide”) presents the reader with a vivid and multilayered allegory of the basic Kafkaesque predicament. In a number of intertextual references, Kafka invokes mainly one type of text: the “explanatory” or “master narrative,” i.e. religion and mythology. Yet, as one of his characters illustrates quite beautifully, in modern times, the “master” has disappeared, leaving only the “narrative.” In this story, which has baffled scholarship in its seemingly gratuitous violence, it is the inhumanity of a world which can no longer be read that Kafka demonstrates powerfully. With the help of a narratological examination of the point of view, the following article attempts to show how the modern failure of “making sense” is linked with the drastic and graphic murder the story portrays.


German Literatur Modernism Franz Kafka A Fratricide Focalization Modern crisis of meaning Reading process Intertextuality 


Deutschsprachige Literatur Moderne Franz Kafka Ein Brudermord Moderne Sinnkrise Fokalisierung Verlust der sinngebenden Instanz Leseprozess Intertextualität 


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