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Particle beam radiotherapy in the treatment of WHO grade 2 and 3 meningiomas: an early experience from Shanghai Proton and Heavy Ion Center



To investigate the efficacy and safety of particle beam radiotherapy (PBRT) in the management of patients with WHO grade 2 and 3 meningiomas.


Thirty-six consecutive and non-selected patients with WHO grade 2 (n = 28) and grade 3 (n = 8) meningiomas were treated at the Shanghai Proton and Heavy Ion Center, from May 2015 to March 2022. The median age of the cohort at PBRT was 48 years. There were 25 and 11 patients treated with PBRT in the setting of newly diagnosed diseases and progressive/recurrent diseases, respectively. PBRT was utilized as re-irradiation in 5 patients. Proton radiotherapy (PRT) and carbon-ion radiotherapy (CIRT), with a median dose of 60 Gy-Equivalent (GyE), were provided to 30 and 6 patients, respectively.


With a median follow-up of 23.3 months, the local control rates were 92.0%, 82.0%, and 82.0% at 1, 2, and 3 years for the entire cohort, respectively. Patients with WHO grade 2 meningiomas (100%, 94.1%, 94,1% at 1,2,3 years) had a much better local control than those with WHO grade 3 meningiomas (50%, 25%, 25% at 1,2,3 years; P < 0.001). Three patients, all with WHO grade 3 meningiomas, had deceased at the time of this analysis. Multivariate analyses revealed that WHO grade (grade 2 vs. 3) (p = 0.016) was a significant prognosticator for local control. No severe toxicities (G3 or above) were observed.


Treatment-induced efficacy and toxicities to PBRT in WHO grade 2 and 3 meningiomas were both highly acceptable. Longer follow-up is needed to evaluate the long-term outcome in terms of disease control, survival, as well as potential late effects.

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Shanghai Municipal Health Commission Special Clinical Research Project (Project No.20204Y0281, 202,040,295).

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Conception and design: Lin Kong, Jiade J Lu. Acquisition of data: Xianxin Qiu, Jing Gao, Jiyi Hu, Jing Yang, Weixu Hu, Qingting Huang, Haojiong Zhang. Analysis and interpretation of data: Xianxin Qiu, Jing Gao. Drafting or revising the article: Xianxin Qiu, Lin Kong. All authors reviewed the manuscript.

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