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Table 1 Top 10 most cited NRR articles, published in 2015 (volume 24) and 2016 (volume 25), which contributed significantly to NRR’s first IF

From: An Astounding First Impact Factor for NRR

Article title Author(s) Volume Issue Page range Citations counted for NRR’s first IF
Data-Driven Index Overlay and Boolean Logic Mineral Prospectivity Modeling in Greenfields Exploration Yousefi, M., Carranza, E.J.M. 25 1 3–18 19
A Comparative Analysis of Weights of Evidence, Evidential Belief Functions, and Fuzzy Logic for Mineral Potential Mapping Using Incomplete Data at the Scale of Investigation Ford, A., Miller, JM., Mol, A.G. 25 1 19–33 13
Data-Driven Predictive Modeling of Mineral Prospectivity Using Random Forests: A Case Study in Catanduanes Island (Philippines) Carranza, E.J.M., Laborte, A.G. 25 1 35–50 10
Comparison of the Data-Driven Random Forests Model and a Knowledge-Driven Method for Mineral Prospectivity Mapping: A Case Study for Gold Deposits Around the Huritz Group and Nueltin Suite, Nunavut, Canada McKay, G., Harris, J.R. 25 2 125–143 10
Data-Driven Evidential Belief Modeling of Mineral Potential Using Few Prospects and Evidence with Missing Values Carranza, E.J.M. 24 3 291–304 9
Application of Discriminant Analysis and Support Vector Machine in Mapping Gold Potential Areas for Further Drilling in the Sari-Gunay Gold Deposit, NW Iran Geranian, H. Tabatabaei, S.H. Asadi, H.H., Carranza, E.J.M. 25 2 145–159 8
Spatial Modeling of Geometallurgical Properties: Techniques and a Case Study Deutsch, J.L., Palmer, K., Deutsch, C.V., Szymanski, J., Etsell, T.H. 25 2 161–181 8
Application of Global Particle Swarm Optimization for Inversion of Residual Gravity Anomalies Over Geological Bodies with Idealized Geometries Singh, A., Biswas, A. 25 3 297–314 7
An AHP-TOPSIS Predictive Model for District-Scale Mapping of Porphyry Cu-Au Potential: A Case Study from Salafchegan Area (Central Iran) Asadi, H.H., Sansoleimani, A., Fatehi, M., Carranza, E.J.M. 25 4 417–429 7
Curvature Attribute from Surface-Restoration as Predictor Variable in Kupferschiefer Copper Potentials Mejia-Herrera, P., Royer, J.J., Caumon, G., Cheilletz, A. 24 3 275–290 6