Engineering CNDP’s of dendrimers containing phosphorous interior compositions to produce new emerging properties

  • Anne-Marie Caminade
  • Jean-Pierre Majoral
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  1. Unifying Concepts for Nanoscience and Nanosystems: 20th Anniversary Issue


Phosphorus-containing dendrimers are defined as dendrimers having at least one phosphorus atom at each branching point. In this review, we will show how phosphorhydrazone dendrimers can be modified at will at the level of the core and of the branches, to afford specific properties, such as fluorescence to image biological events. Accelerated methods of synthesis of phosphorus (one step for one generation) will be also displayed, as well as the specific reactivity of P=N–P=S linkages obtained in most of these accelerated method of synthesis, which has led to particularly original dendritic architectures, such as dendrons included in dendrimers. Finally, we will display how modifications of the internal structure of a series of dendrimers having the same type and number of terminal functions can deeply modify their biological anti-inflammatory properties. Among the six critical nanoscale design parameters (CNDP), we will show how two of them, i.e., architecture and elemental composition, have been particularly engineered to modify phosphorus-containing dendrimers, in order to fulfill the desired properties.


Phosphorus chemistry Monomers Dendrimers Fluorescence CNDP Nanoscale architectures 



Thanks are due to the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) for financial support.

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