Nanoscale surface modification of Li-rich layered oxides for high-capacity cathodes in Li-ion batteries

  • Xiwei Lan
  • Yue Xin
  • Libin Wang
  • Xianluo Hu
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  1. 20th Anniversary Issue: From the editors


Li-rich layered oxides (LLOs) have been developed as a high-capacity cathode material for Li-ion batteries, but the structural complexity and unique initial charging behavior lead to several problems including large initial capacity loss, capacity and voltage fading, poor cyclability, and inferior rate capability. Since the surface conditions are critical to electrochemical performance and the drawbacks, nanoscale surface modification for improving LLO’s properties is a general strategy. This review mainly summarizes the surface modification of LLOs and classifies them into three types of surface pre-treatment, surface gradient doping, and surface coating. Surface pre-treatment usually introduces removal of Li2O for lower irreversible capacity while surface doping is aimed to stabilize the structure during electrochemical cycling. Surface coating layers with different properties, protective layers to suppress the interface side reaction, coating layers related to structural transformation, and electronic/ionic conductive layers for better rate capability, can avoid the shortcomings of LLOs. In addition to surface modification for performance enhancement, other strategies can also be investigated to achieve high-performance LLO-based cathode materials.


Li-rich layered oxides Nanoscale surface modification Surface pre-treatment Surface doping Surface coating layer Energy storage 



This work was supported by Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China (2015AA034601), National Natural Science Foundation of China (51772116, 51472098, and 51522205), and the fund for Academic Frontier Youth Team of HUST.

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