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Synthesis of C–N nanotube blocks and Y-junctions in bamboo-like C–N nanotubes

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We report the observations made on the synthesis and characterization of C–N nanotube blocks and Y-junctions in bamboo-like C–N nanotubes. The C–N nanotube Blocks have been synthesized by pyrolyzing the mixture of silver nitrate acetonitrile solution and ferrocene benzene solution. The structural/microstructural characterization of the as-synthesized material has been done using scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic (XPS) analysis has been carried out to confirm the presence of nitrogen in nanotubes. These investigations reveal the formation of blocks of bamboo-like nanotubes having the dimension 300 × 200 × 30 μm and the diameter is 20–50 nm. We also observe the formation of Y-junctions in bamboo-like nanotubes as we spray the acetonitrile ferrocene and AgNO3 mixture. The length of the synthesized Y-junction nanotube bundles is ~2 μm. Some more complex Ψ-shaped junctions are also found to be present. The diameters of the Y-junction nanotubes is ~80 nm at the junction and 25–50 nm at the branches.

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The authors are extremely grateful to Prof. CNR Rao, Late Dr. A. K. Singh, Prof. R. S. Tiwari, & Prof. S. Ram for their encouragement. The authors acknowledge with gratitude the financial supports from DST:UNANST, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and University Grant Commission (UGC) New Delhi, India.

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Correspondence to Ram Manohar Yadav.

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Yadav, R.M., Singh, D.P., Shripathi, T. et al. Synthesis of C–N nanotube blocks and Y-junctions in bamboo-like C–N nanotubes. J Nanopart Res 10, 1349–1354 (2008).

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