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Efficient security framework for reliable wireless 3D video transmission


In this paper, a novel hybrid 3D Video (3DV) encryption framework based on the Rubik's cube is suggested to attain simultaneous encryption of a group of 3DV frames. The suggested hybrid encryption framework begins with chaotic Baker map permutation, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), or Ron's Code (RC6) technique implemented in Cipher Feedback (CFB) mode of operation as a first step for encrypting the multiple 3DV frames, separately. Then, the resulting encrypted 3DV frames are further encrypted in a second stage with Rubik's cube technique. The chaotic, RC6, or AES encrypted 3DV frames are utilized as the faces of the Rubik's cube. The RC6 and the AES techniques introduce a degree of diffusion from the concepts of image encryption, while the chaotic Baker map adds a degree of permutation. Moreover, the Rubik's cube technique simultaneously adds more permutations to the encrypted 3DV frames. The encrypted 3DV frames are further transmitted over a wireless channel with different Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) versions and decrypted at the receiver side. The quality evaluation of the decrypted 3DV frames at the receiver side reveals good performance. The simulation results prove that the suggested hybrid encryption framework is reliable and it presents recommended security and robustness levels.

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  • Multimedia encryption
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  • Rayleigh fading
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