Robust control of underactuated wheeled mobile manipulators using GPI disturbance observers


This article describes the design of a linear observer–linear controller-based robust output feedback scheme for output reference trajectory tracking tasks in the case of nonlinear, multivariable, nonholonomic underactuated mobile manipulators. The proposed linear feedback scheme is based on the use of a classical linear feedback controller and suitably extended, high-gain, linear Generalized Proportional Integral (GPI) observers, thus aiding the linear feedback controllers to provide an accurate simultaneous estimation of each flat output associated phase variables and of the exogenous and perturbation inputs. This information is used in the proposed feedback controller in (a) approximate, yet close, cancelations, as lumped unstructured time-varying terms, of the influence of the highly coupled nonlinearities, and (b) the devising of proper linear output feedback control laws based on the approximate estimates of the string of phase variables associated with the flat outputs simultaneously provided by the disturbance observers. Simulations reveal the effectiveness of the proposed approach.

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  1. 1.

    Also known as Taylor Polynomial Model


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  • GPI control
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