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Multimodal biometric system for ECG, ear and iris recognition based on local descriptors


Combination of multiple information extracted from different biometric modalities in multimodal biometric recognition system aims to solve the different drawbacks encountered in a unimodal biometric system. Fusion of many biometrics has proposed such as face, fingerprint, iris…etc. Recently, electrocardiograms (ECG) have been used as a new biometric technology in unimodal and multimodal biometric recognition system. ECG provides inherent the characteristic of liveness of a person, making it hard to spoof compared to other biometric techniques. Ear biometrics present a rich and stable source of information over an acceptable period of human life. Iris biometrics have been embedded with different biometric modalities such as fingerprint, face and palm print, because of their higher accuracy and reliability. In this paper, a new multimodal biometric system based ECG-ear-iris biometrics at feature level is proposed. Preprocessing techniques including normalization and segmentation are applied to ECG, ear and iris biometrics. Then, Local texture descriptors, namely 1D-LBP (One D-Local Binary Patterns), Shifted-1D-LBP and 1D-MR-LBP (Multi-Resolution) are used to extract the important features from the ECG signal and convert the ear and iris images to a 1D signals. KNN and RBF are used for matching to classify an unknown user into the genuine or impostor. The developed system is validated using the benchmark ID-ECG and USTB1, USTB2 and AMI ear and CASIA v1 iris databases. The experimental results demonstrate that the proposed approach outperforms unimodal biometric system. A Correct Recognition Rate (CRR) of 100% is achieved with an Equal Error Rate (EER) of 0.5%.

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