A review of information centric network-based internet of things: communication architectures, design issues, and research opportunities


In the perspective of Internet advancements for the future Internet, Information Centric Network (ICN) offers a communication model, which is different from the current IP-based paradigm. ICN is a name based communication architecture, where the retrieval of content is done using names rather than their locations. Besides, ICN provides other features such as caching, mobility, scalability, and robustness. Future Internet will have Internet of Things (IoT) devices that will provide very strict requirements. The integration of ICN with IoT opens a new set of design issues and opportunities for researchers. This paper sheds light on the ICN-based IoT design issues and explains some of the research opportunities in which ICN accommodates other Internet technologies, for example, Cloud, Software Defined Network (SDN), Edge, Fog, and 5G. Besides the IoT-ICN integration, IoT also requires suitable wireless communication standards. This paper also provides a description of several wireless communication standards and elaborates their main features. IoT designers will benefit from the provided description to make a decision for the selection of an appropriate standard.

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