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5G/IoT-enabled UAVs for multimedia delivery in industry-oriented applications


Industrial Internet of Things (IIoTs) is the fast growing network of interconnected things that collect and exchange data using embedded sensors planted everywhere. It is an interconnection of several things through a diverse communication system capable of monitoring, collecting, exchanging, analysing, and delivering valuable and challenging amount of information. Given their ability to be operated autonomously, their high mobility, and their communication and processing power, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are expected to be involved in numerous IIoT-related applications, where multimedia and video streaming plays a key role. Our main interest is the multimedia routing in IIoT and its facilities during and/or after operational hours. For recovering, constructing and selecting k-disjoint paths, capable of putting up with failure of the parameters but satisfying the quality of service, we introduce an industry-oriented Canonical Particle Swarm (CPS) optimization data delivery framework. During communication with the UAV, multi-swarm strategy is used to determine the optimal direction while performing a multipath routing. Authenticity of the proposed approach has been tested and results show that, compared to the ordinary Canonical Particle Multi-path Swarm (CPMS) optimization and Fully Multi-path Particle Swarm (FMPS) optimization, the proposed method is better.

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