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A robust watermarking scheme against frame blending and projection attacks


Camcorder based video copy attack has become a serious threat to the electronic movie distribution services. Although watermarking is used to authenticate against such camcorder based copy attack, in the camcorder recorded videos, the embedded watermark suffers from several geometric distortions and temporal de-synchronizations. This paper proposes a watermarking scheme which is robust against the distortion due to cam-cordering process. Firstly, a comprehensive literature survey has been done on the watermarking schemes resilient to the cam-cording attack. Based on the existing limitations of the state-of-art literature, a watermarking scheme is devised to embed a watermark which is robust against to frame blending and projection attacks which are the major distortions caused during cam-cording. A comprehensive set of experiments has been carried out to show the applicability of the proposed scheme over the existing literature.

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