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Hand gesture recognition with jointly calibrated Leap Motion and depth sensor

  • Giulio Marin
  • Fabio Dominio
  • Pietro Zanuttigh


Novel 3D acquisition devices like depth cameras and the Leap Motion have recently reached the market. Depth cameras allow to obtain a complete 3D description of the framed scene while the Leap Motion sensor is a device explicitly targeted for hand gesture recognition and provides only a limited set of relevant points. This paper shows how to jointly exploit the two types of sensors for accurate gesture recognition. An ad-hoc solution for the joint calibration of the two devices is firstly presented. Then a set of novel feature descriptors is introduced both for the Leap Motion and for depth data. Various schemes based on the distances of the hand samples from the centroid, on the curvature of the hand contour and on the convex hull of the hand shape are employed and the use of Leap Motion data to aid feature extraction is also considered. The proposed feature sets are fed to two different classifiers, one based on multi-class SVMs and one exploiting Random Forests. Different feature selection algorithms have also been tested in order to reduce the complexity of the approach. Experimental results show that a very high accuracy can be obtained from the proposed method. The current implementation is also able to run in real-time.


Depth Gesture recognition Calibration Kinect Leap Motion SVM 


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  1. 1.Department of Information EngineeringUniversity of PadovaPadovaItaly

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