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A review on automatic detection and recognition of traffic sign

  • Anjan GudigarEmail author
  • Shreesha Chokkadi
  • Raghavendra U


Evidently, Intelligent Transport System (ITS) has progressed tremendously all its way. The core of ITS are detection and recognition of traffic sign, which are designated to fulfill safety and comfort needs of driver. This paper provides a critical review on three major steps in Automatic Traffic Sign Detection and Recognition(ATSDR) system i.e., segmentation, detection and recognition in the context of vision based driver assistance system. In addition, it focuses on different experimental setups of image acquisition system. Further, discussion on possible future research challenges is made to make ATSDR more efficient, which inturn produce a wide range of opportunities for the researchers to carry out the detailed analysis of ATSDR and to incorporate the future aspects in their research.


Classification Detection Image acquisition Intelligent transport system Safety Segmentation 



The authors would like to express their gratitude to the reviewers and the chief editor for their valuable suggestions, which have significantly improved the presentation of this paper.


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  • Shreesha Chokkadi
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  • Raghavendra U
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