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An efficient joint implementation of three stages for fast computation of color space conversation in image coding/decoding

  • Xiuhua JiEmail author
  • Caiming Zhang
  • Xuefen Zhang


This paper proposes an efficient joint implementation algorithm for computing color space conversion, quantization and discrete cosine transform (DCT) in an image coder/decoder. By combining the three stages, the proposed algorithm reduces the operation amount of computing color space conversion considerably. In the case of color sampling 4:4:4, the proposed algorithm reduces the multiplication amount by 40% and the addition amount by 42% for the conversion from RGB to YCbCr in an image coder, and reduces the multiplication amount by 60% and the addition amount by 42% for the conversion from YCbCr to RGB in an image decoder. In the cases of down-sampling 4:2:2 and 4:1:1, there are the similar results. The existing fast methods in the literatures can still be applied together with this proposed algorithm into the implementation of the international image coding standards which use the transform coding technology, such as JPEG, MPEG and H.26X, and raises the image coding/decoding speed efficiently.


Joint Implementation Color space conversion Quantization DCT Transform coding 



This research is supported by the national natural science foundation of China (Key Program No.60933008 and No.61073162) and the Shandong natural science foundation of China (No.ZR2009GL013).


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