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BLAST-DVC: BitpLAne SelecTive distributed video coding

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This paper presents a BitpLAne SelecTive (BLAST) distributed video coding (DVC) system. In the proposed system, the significance of each bitplane is measured at the decoder based on an estimated distortion-rate ratio that makes use of a correlation model for the original source information and the side information. Only the syndrome bits of the bitplanes that have estimated distortion-rate ratios higher than a target distortion-rate ratio, are transmitted and are used to decode the associated bitplanes. The remaining bitplanes are estimated using a minimum-distance symbol reconstruction scheme which makes use of the side information and the LDPCA-decoded bitplanes. Coding results and comparisons with existing DVC schemes and with H.264 intra- and inter-frame coding are presented to illustrate the performance of the proposed system.

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