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Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Aircraft Steel 30Kh2GSN2VM

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Special features of structure formation in steel 30Kh2GSN2BM under continuous cooling from the temperature of complete austenitization and under an isothermal hold in the temperature range of bainitic transformation are studied. Metallographic and x-ray diffraction phase analysis are performed and tensile and impact bending tests of specimens are conducted. The data of the dilatometric and metallographic studies are used to plot a thermokinetic diagram of transformation of supercooled austenite. The laws of variation of mechanical properties of the steel after oil quenching and tempering and after normalizing in air and different variants of isothermal quenching are determined.

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The work has been performed within grant No. 22-29-00105 of the Russian Scientific Foundation.

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Translated from Metallovedenie i Termicheskaya Obrabotka Metallov, No. 8, pp. 45 – 53, August, 2022.

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