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Superfast Exoplanets and 9600 s


Motion of a substantial part of the superfast exoplanets is found to be in the close resonance with the well-known “solar” timescale \(P_{0} \approx 0.11\) days and/or the timescale 2\(P_0\)/\(\pi \approx 0.07\) days (at 99.9% confidence for exoplanet periods \(P < 2\) days). There is also a noticeable lack of the exoplanetary “unstable” orbits with \(P \approx 3 \pi\)\(P_0\)\(\,\approx 1.05\) days, which copies the famous “period gap” of the cataclysmic variables at \(P \approx 0.11\) days; strangely enough, the ratio of the central periods of these two gaps is equal to \(\pi ^2\). The exoplanet phenomenon is supposed to be caused by a coherent, with the \(P_0\) timescale, oscillation of gravity, operating within the extra-solar planetary systems.

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The author expresses a big gratitude to F. M. Sanchez for exciting discussions on the solar system, the Universe and physical laws, and to all authors of the catalogue for their comprehensive EP data.

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