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Smart Solution of Traffic Congestion through Bike Sharing System in a Small City

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Bike sharing system as mode of public transport is very popular in the world. This smart solution can be described as answer to an increasingly frequent traffic congestion and parking problems in many cities all around the world. This issue is beginning to relate to some cities in Slovakia as well. Bicycles address traffic congestion as they form a valid substitution for cars on short trips, contribute to the use of public transport by providing effective last-mile connectivity and simply take up less space on the road. As the system of shared bicycles works from 2016, it is relatively new in Slovakia. This is a reason why this system still has some problems and deficiencies that need to be optimized. Presented paper focused on the city of Nitra, which is currently struggling with the issue of traffic congestion. The main aim of paper is to point out the opportunities and constraints arising from the concept of shared bicycles in the conditions of city of Nitra. Our proposals and recommendations are based on the opinions of the citizens of Nitra obtained from conducted marketing survey(625 respondents – citizens of Nitra). The results of the survey have brought important insights into improving the strategy of shared bicycles, focusing on attractiveness for citizens, and ultimately, urban transport solutions.

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