Application of Exact Methods in Employee Selection in Accordance with the Age Management Concept


The decision making process is an integral part of every management activity. Different methods can be used for decision making. Each of these methods is appropriate in other conditions that may occur in the enterprise. One of the decision making methods is also the exact decision making. Mentioned method is based on general models and procedures. The exact decision making is appropriate to use for complex problems. The analytic hierarchy process (AHP) is one of the methods used in the exact decision making. The AHP can be used in the Smart City concept, specifically within the Smart People. This method will be used to solve employee selection in accordance with the Age management concept. The main objective of the paper is to select the right employee in accordance with the Age management concept and on the basis of defined criteria. The partial objective is to set the order of importance of the individual criteria on which the selection will take place.

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The paper is a part of Young Research Project No. 1382 “Implementation of the Age management concept as a tool to achieve synergy of different generation groups in the context of S CSR”.

The paper is part of the H2020 project RISE-SK called „Research and Innovation Sustainability for Europe in Slovakia“, which was approved as an institutional project with foreign participation.

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  • Age management
  • Analytic hierarchy process
  • Decision making
  • Employee selection
  • Expert choice