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A Novel Research on the Influence of Enterprise Culture on Internal Control in big Data and Internet of Things

  • Haijun LiuEmail author
  • Xiaobing Liu


The effective management of enterprise resources in internet of things is a growing research trend in modern era. The big data concept influences more opportunities to the researchers to exhibit their innovations in various application oriented fields. The academic and organizational researches suggested that big data provides more benefits on sustained basis for the committed resource management environment. The study shows positive and active enterprise culture is positively correlated to effective internal control. In the enhancement of these resource management initiatives, the dynamic capability of the data and its assumptions are considered. In the case of enterprise culture the implication of practical and business limitations and advantages are discussed in this article. The intellectual contributions and the poles of excellence on the field of big data is a common platform upon which several communication components in practice on every day use which are interfaced and interconnected. In general IoT reduces the distance between the real world and internet by incorporating and integrating different perspectives of technology such as pervasive computing, data communication, networking, sensor node communication etc.,


Internet of things (IoT) Big data Internal control 



This paper is supported by the National Science and Technology Support Program: "R & D and application of key technology for high-end equipment manufacturing". (2012BAF12B08)


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