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A Cost-Effective Methodology Applied to Videoconference Services over Hybrid Clouds


This paper tackles the optimization of applications in multi-provider hybrid cloud scenarios from an economic point of view. In these scenarios the great majority of solutions offer the automatic allocation of resources on different cloud providers based on their current prices. However our approach is intended to introduce a novel solution by making maximum use of divide and rule. This paper describes a methodology to create cost aware cloud applications that can be broken down into the three most important components in cloud infrastructures: computation, network and storage. A real videoconference system has been modified in order to evaluate this idea with both theoretical and empirical experiments. This system has become a widely used tool in several national and European projects for e-learning and collaboration purposes.

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We gratefully acknowledge the work of our main Conference Manager tester, Abel Carril, in addition to our anonymous reviewers for their insightful and detailed comments. Development of Conference Manager was partially supported by the EU research project named Global Plaza.

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Cerviño, J., Rodríguez, P., Trajkovska, I. et al. A Cost-Effective Methodology Applied to Videoconference Services over Hybrid Clouds. Mobile Netw Appl 18, 103–109 (2013).

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  • videoconference
  • cloud computing
  • hybrid clouds
  • cost-effectiveness analysis