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Table 1 Cytoplasm type of wild potato species originating from the Institute of Plant Industry, preserved in Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute—National Research Institute

From: Cytoplasmic diversity of potato relatives preserved at Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute in Poland

Solanum speciesAccession number VIR
Accession number POL
Number of plantsCytoplasm typeMarker banding pattern of ALM_4/ALM_5
S. acaule979533315510  M3
S. aemulans914633311910 D 2
S. albicans981433312510  M2
S. angustisectum27333331334W  2
S. antipovichii235433309914W  2
S. arrac-papa974233315014W  2
S. berthaultii2304733312910W  1
S. dolichostigma761033311414W  2
S. dolichostigma76133331154W  2
S. famatinae430433313914Wa  2
S. fendleri575133311210 D 2
S. fendleri57473331434 D 2
S. fendleri567133311014 D 2
S. gibberulosum27393331344W  2
S. gibberulosum293733310310W  2
S. guerreroense1840733309614 D 2
S. hougasii881833314814W  2
S. kurtzianum971933312110W  1
S. kurtzianum23013331301W  1
S. latisectum27223331324W  2
S. leptophyes576433311310Wb  1,3b
S. microdontum972633314910W  2
S. neoantipovichii850533311714 D 2
S. papita881633314714 D 2
S. papita1688833315914 D 2
S. papita168893331604 D 2
S. papita174543331614 D 2
S. papita91453330814 D 2
S. parodii370133306914W  2
S. parodii82803331164W  2
S. polytrichon74233330754 D 2
S. polytrichon534733310814 D 2
S. polytrichon56823331114 D 2
S. polytrichon88153331184 D 2
S. punae426333313814  M3
S. ruiz-ceballosii737033307414W  2
S. ruiz-ceballosii73813331444W  2
S. simplicifolium540033314114W  2
S. simplicifolium56843331424W  2
S. sparsipilum980833312410W  2
S. stoloniferum249233310010 D 2
S. uyunense411433307110  M2
S. verrucosum1055633315714 D 2
Total  401201 (50.1%)156 (38.9%)44 (11%) 
  1. aW cytoplasm type with different banding pattern type of T marker amplified in multiplex PCR
  2. b Five plants of S. leptophyes (RUS001:5764; POL003:333113) had mtDNA type 1 (W/β) and five were with mtDNA type 3 (W/type 3) based on ALM_4/ALM_5 marker