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Mesenchymal stem cell-based treatment for cartilage defects in osteoarthritis


Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common disorder and the restoration of the diseased articular cartilage in patients with OA is still a challenge for researchers and clinicians. Currently, a variety of experimental strategies have investigated whether mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) instead of chondrocytes can be used for the regeneration and maintenance of articular cartilage in OA. MSCs can modulate the immune response of individuals and positively influence the microenvironment of the stem cells already present in the diseased tissue. Through direct cell–cell interaction or the secretion of various factors, MSCs can initiate endogenous regenerative activities in the OA joint. Targeted gene-modified MSC-based therapy might further enhance the cartilage regeneration in OA. Conventionally, delivery of MSCs was attained by graft of engineered constructs derived from cell-seeded scaffolds. However, intra-articular MSCs transplantation without scaffolds is a more attractive option for OA treatment. This article briefly summarizes the current knowledge about MSC-based therapy for prevention or treatment of OA, discussing the direct intra-articular injection of MSCs for the treatment of OA in animal models and in clinical applications, as well as potential future strategies for OA treatment.

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